What we do on our retreats?

January 26, 2022
firepit in front of house

Have you been wondering what exactly we do on our self care and well-being retreats for doctors?

  • Education is definitely a big part of it. We didn’t get CPD approval for nothing, and we absolutely love teaching skills like mindfulness and self compassion. Including how to apply these very important skills to your life as a doctor.
  • We introduce you very gently to the practice of meditation. Mindfulness meditation is secular and simple to understand when you have a skilled teacher. So we invest a lot of time and energy into very slowly introducing you to the concept of allowing your body and mind to come to rest.
  • We support you to prioritise the important self care elements that make up your baseline level of functioning. These form the set point for your body’s sense of homeostasis- they are important.
  • With nourishing food, mindful activities, nurturing conversations, we work to bring you back in touch with your own internal set point.
  • We help you to find sustainable ways to take all these skills and learnings- and actually integrate them into your medical life.

We know how hard it can be to prioritise ourselves when we work so hard to prioritise our patients. But as doctors ourselves, we also know how to better strike that balance.

​Of course it’s an individual thing- we all have a different point of balance. Our job isn’t to prescriptively tell you where yours is… it’s to support you, coach you and guide you to find your own point of balance.

About Us

Whole Hearted Medicine is an organisation dedicated to the health and wellbeing of doctors.