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The cornerstone of our educational model encompasses our core pillars of SELF CARE, SELF AWARENESS and SELF COMPASSION into a balanced concept of the ‘Whole Hearted Doctor’.

The Whole Hearted Doctor is one who:
  • Is mindful of their internal environment and responses.
  • Knows, respects and has compassion for their sense of self.
  • Is able to build and maintain appropriate and compassionate boundaries for themselves and others.
  • Is able to practice self compassion as they move through stages of growth and learning.
  • Having mastered all these skills and committed their ongoing practice, is able to extend this knowledge to those around them including colleagues, juniors and students.
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self reporting cpd

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Educational Activity: 11.5 hours + Reviewing Performance: 13.5 hours
This is a hybrid activity with 25 hours of CPD education. You will be provided with a participation certificate after the conclusion that can be used for self reporting CPD hours to your college.
Fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) can claim their time spent participating in this activity as CPD in the online MyCPD program.


Whole Hearted Medicine is a proud accredited training provider with the RACGP.
This is an approved hybrid event with 11.5 CPD hours of Educational Activities + 13.5 CPD hours of Reviewing Performance for a total of 25 hours of CPD.


A Whole Hearted Medicine retreat receives 17 PDP hours from the ACCRM.


Mindfulness & Wellbeing Retreat for Doctors is approved for 15 ACEM CPD hours.


There are 22 hours of face to face education on a Whole Hearted Medicine retreat, qualifying with CICM for:

  • 2 points per hour- cat 2B (Active or Interactive Small group learning)
  • 1 point per hour- cat 5B (Personal Advancement).


A Whole Hearted Medicine retreat receives 22 hours of approved training from the RANZCOG
Please get in touch via the contact page if you need any documents to assist with your CME application for funding to attend a Whole Hearted Medicine retreat.