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Upcoming retreat calendar

2024 Retreats
21st-24th March, 2024:
Sold Out
23rd-26th May, 2024:
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19th-22nd June, 2024:
Only one place left!
18th-21st July, 2024:
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5th-8th September, 2024:
Only 1 place left!
12th-15th October, 2024:
Sold Out
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What is a retreat?

A retreat is an immersive experience where you take time away from your busy life and work to reconnect with all the processes and practices that help to keep you in balance. It's about dedicating time and space to allowing your body, mind and soul to be nurtured, learning new skills and connecting with the you outside of medicine.

A Whole Hearted Medicine retreat is about more than just a few days of self care though.

It's about

  • Supporting you to take some time to reflect on how you can best keep yourself happy, healthy and balanced in this very demanding profession.
  • Helping you to rekindle the passion for medicine that is sometimes easily forgotten in its busyness.
  • Supporting you with the tools of mindfulness, self compassion and self care to use in your own life.
  • Guiding you in the important practice of compassionate self reflection.
  • Opening safe spaces for vulnerable and authentic connection amongst your colleagues, away from the pressures of your workplace.
  • Ensuring you are acknowledged for the importance of this work by attaining you CPD points to recognise the value and relevance of mindful self care and self awareness in your continued role as a doctor.
It feels like I have clarity and focus again and I honestly don't believe that would be possible had I not spent the time with you that I did.
Dr Alexis Badger
General Practitioner
I am lost for words. All I can really say is that the retreat has been life changing.
Dr Jane Fitzgerald

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the retreats cost?
The price varies depending on retreat destination and room type selected. You will find more information within each retreat option.
Some retreats have the option for a payment plan, please get in touch with us if you would like to use this option.
Can I attend with my medical spouse?
Yes, you most certainly can attend with your medical spouse. Simply choose the 'twin share' option for each of you and please get in touch with us to let us know how you would like your room bedding configured.
Can I bring my children or family with me?
Due to the immersive nature of the retreat, it is not suitable to bring your children or family along with you. Our goal is to envelop you with not only the educational component but also the caring. We eat meals together as a group, have mindful activities and engage in deep, authentic conversations outside of the educational time. You deserve a break from your busy home life and job, this retreat is it.

These retreats are also only for registered doctors.
Can I use my CME allowance for this retreat?
Many doctors have attended our retreats using their hospital CME allowance. If you need any documentation to support your CME claim please get in touch.
Is this retreat tax deductible?
This is something you would need to discuss with your financial advisor or accountant. When talking to them, you can let them know that Whole Hearted Medicine retreats attract Continuing Professional Development points with many major speciality colleges and have been accessed via CME allowance due to their relevance to continuing work as a doctor.
What are your booking and cancellation terms?
You will find more detail about each retreat on each of the information pages and the general booking and cancellation terms can be found here.