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making the wellbeing of those who care for others a priority.

As a qualified yoga and meditation teacher and having burnt myself out while working as a General Practitioner,  I knew that there had to be a better way to go about supporting doctors to continue doing the amazing work that they do and hopefully preventing others from getting to the same point that I did. ​Something that included:

  • Honest and vulnerable conversations about how hard it can be to balance life and practicing medicine.
  • Help learning how to take care of ourselves when we're innately driven to take care of others.
  • Finding balance between caring for the health and wellbeing of our patients, without it coming at the expense of our own health and wellbeing.
  • Making mindfulness and self care fundamental practices in the lives of healthcare professionals.
  • Integrating conversations and teaching about self compassion into our everyday working lives.

It can be hard to be vulnerable in medicine. Our patients, friends and family look to us to have the answers for them on health, wellbeing and self care- so what happens when we need support with those things? Where do we turn to? Whole Hearted Medicine ​started out of a desire to open up conversations of vulnerability amongst those of us who work in healthcare in a nurturing and supportive retreat environment. ​None of us are immune to facing challenges in our lives and just because we work to heal others doesn't mean that we don't ever need support or healing ourselves. Just because we know what to do to take care of ourselves, doesn't always make it easy to do.

whole hearted medicine's mission.

Through a structured program of educational seminars, interactive workshops and guided yoga/meditation & breath work sessions our goal is to provide time for personal reflection on health and wellbeing in all doctors who attend.

We aim to help doctors tap into their sense of self awareness which in turn helps them be better able to identify and manage feelings of burnout in themselves and others. As an organisation we hope to lead the path towards a more holistic and proactive role in maintaining the wellbeing of doctors and all healthcare providers, not only ensuring their own personal feelings of fulfilment but also their professional longevity in an often demanding profession.

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Hi, I'm Dr Emily Amos

Doctor, yoga & meditation teacher and the force behind Whole Hearted Medicine
Dr Emily Amos picture
I am a passionate teacher of all things mindfulness.

I'm also a GP who burnt myself out because I never stopped in all the busyness of medicine to ask myself what I needed to feel in balance? Or how could I care for my own health and wellbeing while still caring for others?

In the years since burning myself out I have come to feel so authentic and at home now supporting my amazing colleagues in healthcare to find balance in their own lives by creating & facilitating these amazing retreats. Drawing on my skills as a registered yoga & meditation teacher as well as my medical training, I approach teaching about stress, self care and mindfulness in a truly holistic way.

Outside of Whole Hearted Medicine, I work as a surgical assistant, I'm a professional speaker & workshop facilitator, I tutor medical students in mindfulness, stress management & healthy lifestyle and I work really hard to practice what I preach when it comes to finding balance in life.
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meet some more of our retreat facilitators

mary frost profile

Dr Mary Frost

Retreat Co-Facilitator & Psychiatrist
Mary is a specialist Psychiatrist with a passion for supporting doctors wellbeing. She has a keen interest in teaching and loves to share her wealth of knowledge around the diversity of medical training pathways and career opportunities as well as life experiences with doctors at all stages of their life journey.

Mary has recently retired from clinical practice to give herself more time for her favourite pursuits of hiking and spending time with her adult children.
jess franklin profile

Jess Franklin

Retreat Co-Facilitator & Mindful Performance Coach
Jess has for many years helped startup founders and leaders actualise their true potential to build conscious and effective teams. He continues this valuable work now working as the in house Mindful Performance Coach for Mindset Health.

He helps incredible individuals to become more conscious, and change the world in their own unique ways. The toolkit that he shares goes beyond self-leadership, team dynamics, mindfulness, somatic techniques, Schema therapy, transformation of identity and conscious leadership to support others on their own journeys to self-actualisation.