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What is wellbeing?

November 29, 2021
wellbeing definition

We often talk about our patients wellbeing – Are they improving? Are they being cared for adequately? Are we doing everything we can to holistically attend to their needs?

How about the well-being of those doing the caring?
Do we think about that enough?

Do we as a society ask ourselves the same questions about how well we care for the carers?
Is the well-being of those who we task to care for us in our hours of most need being protected and nurtured?

The health and well-being of our health care workers directly reflects the health of our health care system. It is quite simply one of the KPI’s that we all should be concerned about.
And right now, we’re not meeting the mark.

Lots can be done to change this and there are some wonderful things happening in this space. People like @happyheartmd, @handnhandau, @ranzcogwellbeing just to name a few, are championing systemic change.

For us, we have decided to begin the change we want to see in our world by focussing on making small ripples. Our retreats, while very mindful of the need for systemic change within healthcare- focus on wellbeing at an individual level.

Small changes, sustained and amplified over time create huge shifts.

Are you a doctor who is interested in checking out what we do on our retreats? Then check out our retreats page for some more information.

We’d love for you to join us! Connection is what we thrive on and doctors wellbeing is something we love talking about.