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Why ‘whole hearted’?

July 29, 2021

When the planning started for Whole Hearted Medicine a lot of time was spent thinking about who it was we wanted to help?
What was our why?

We know that you put your everything into your role as a doctor.

By definition, we all are “wholehearted doctors”.
But it often doesn’t feel that way.

So often, we have minds that don’t switch off from work.
We have hearts that struggled to reconcile what we witness at work and what we deal with at home.
We’re doing our best to stay on top of changing guidelines and procedures while at the same time always providing the best clinical care.
At the same time, we are trying to balance homes, families and commitments outside of our roles as doctors.

It’s exhausting!
Often, it’s hard to feel ‘whole-hearted’.
Our minds and bodies are often pulled in so many different directions that we truely don’t feel authentically whole.

So Whole Hearted Medicine was born.

With a mission to help other doctors to learn how to come to rest, even if just for a moment.
To let our minds catch up with our bodies and to be supported to do all the things we help our patients to do.

  • To meditate.
  • To connect and communicate with others in a safe and vulnerable space.
  • To hold space for our emotions.
  • To nurture our bodies and minds.
  • To support each other.
  • To build a community.

​This is what Whole Hearted Medicine is all about.

whole hearted